The Importance of Incorporating Educational Technology in Teaching English to Iraqi Learners at the University Level


Educational technology directly affects every aspect of university environment. Nowadays, most universities take forward steps in adopting technology in their programmes and services. This study focuses on the role the teachers play in adopting Information and Communication Technology (henceforth; ICT) in their teaching programmes and the effects that ICT has in enhancing the quality of education at the university level. This study examines teachers’ views about technology and its impact on education. It starts with a general introduction about Educational Technology in general and then it reflects teachers’ role in this respect. The study shows the way that educational technology is adopted and its significance in education at the university level. Finally, the study ends with the results and conclusions. Among the most important conclusions of the present study are the following: Most teachers get a benefit from the educational technology facilities and programmes available to them. Moreover, using a Web- based environment in their teaching, teachers can develop their ways and strategies of teaching rapidly. Furthermore, the continuous learning plays a significant role in developing the university staff members as well and in urging them to use ICT in their academic career.