Types of Penalties in Holy Quran –The Moon Surah- As An Instance


Holy Quran is full of verses that refer to penalties to remind nations, make them think, as well as to preach them. For these reasons, the researcher chooses (The Moon Surah) as an instance to deal with in this paper. The researcher studies these five nations mentioned in The Moon Surah who are punished by Allah the Great to reach his aim. Those nations are (Noah's , Salih's , Aad's, Thamood's and Lott's) (peace be upon them) to be a warning and a preachment for the polyatheists who dispute Mohammad the Prophet ( peace be upon him) and insist on their atheism. These penalties are in agreement with the sins they committed The paper surveys those nations and the type of penalty delivered for each of them. Referring to the types of penalties and the reasons behind each of them as well as to the time , effect and the purpose behind each of them.