Network security role grew exponentially in the late several years, especially with the notable amountof attacks that target all types of organizations and services. Thus, the need for more research on efficient andopen source perimeter defense system and packet analysis and are rising. Intrusion detection system and firewallcan afford significate role in protecting networks by detecting, reporting and blocking malicious behaviors. In thispaper, an open source-based model was introduced that can provide security monitoring and logging, intrusiondetection and prevention, firewall services and packet inspection and analysis. The proposed design provide highvisibility and add a security layer to networks and data centers with many use cases such as: network forensics,security analysis, and production deployment. All the components and software were deployed with virtualizationand container-based technology to get the benefits of these technologies like cost-effective, cloud applicable, andflexible deployment across many hardware requirements. Tests were performed to verify the performance of theimplemented model. The results show that the proposed design presents detection capability of the attacks andvisualization of the network traffic with security controls.