The Implications of the Gulf States after the Events of September 2001 and the Repercussions of the Occupation of Iraq in 2003


The American semi-absolute control over the waters of the Arabian Gulf and its countries and control the economies, future, and security of the Gulf countries. Based on the above, the observer does not see that there is an effort or an indication that these countries were able to do something about it, to build advanced military defense systems that can provide self -defense without the use of the United States of America. It also could not send any message to the regional states - Iraq and Iran - that they could be ready to any challenge.Arabian Gulf countries found themselves and for the first time dealing with a pre-declared US policy, that has a certain logic and no confidentiality in it .And it is not made in the corridors of politics, rather, it is an American political action program that is almost binding on the Arabian Gulf countries. The most important thing for the Gulf countries was the extent to which this US policy can be implemented and the extent to which these small States are able to adhere to that policy. What is more important is the extent to which this US policy conforms to the interests of the Gulf, and to what extent it conflicts with them, because the US benefit, which is not always a public good, is not limited to one benefit, either. In the midst of all this, Iraq was under American control, and the United States has created many pretexts against Iraq. Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have become a "big" place in the American and European media, accusing the Iraqi political system of supporting al-Qaeda, The United States claimed that the Iraqi political system represented a "real" threat to its security and the security of its allies, because it had previously used weapons of mass destruction. The United States also claimed that Iraq used those weapons against its own people.First: The effects on the Gulf States after the events of September 2001.Second: The repercussions of the occupation of Iraq in 2003.