Measurement and Analysis of Oil Price Fluctuations and Trends of Government Expenditure on Agriculture and Industry in Iraq for the Period (2006-2016)


AbstractThe objective of the study: is to identify the reality of the relationship between the fluctuations in international oil prices and their reflection on the trends of government spending on agriculture and industry.The study finds that there is no joint integration between the two variables. The independent variable (oil price) has no effect on the dependent variable (expenditure on the agricultural sector) through the calculated value of F (1.906385) A significant level of 5%, which is smaller than the table value of the minimum parameter of 3.62 at a significant level of 5% This is because most of these expenses are operating expenses, which are inflexible and insufficiently responsive to the change in oil prices, since the investment expenditure on the agricultural sector did not exceed 10% of the total public expenditure during the study period. The allocation of the industrial sector out of the total public expenditure was very low, where it reaches an verage rate of this sector over 11 years (1.1%) reflected the low allocation of this sector of total public expenditure, which negatively reflected on the level of domestic production.The study recommends promotion of private sector, its development, providing necessary support and facilities to improve this sector to relieve pressure on the public sector through the employment of labor and thus reduce public expenditure, mostly salaries, wages of working staff, and prioritize investment expenditures of the total public expenditure of sectors that contribute to the construction of the economy that achieves the ambition to promote the economy, such as the industrial sector, in order to absorb the large numbers of the unemployed. The interest in the agricultural sector is crucial to the provision of food commodities and ensuring that these goods are not imported from abroad. These imports with negative effects on the country's economy