Aggregate production planning using linear programming with practical application


The study aims at building a mathematical model for the aggregate production planning for Baghdad soft drinks company. The study is based on a set of aggregate planning strategies (Control of working hours, storage level control strategy) for the purpose of exploiting the resources and productive capacities available in an optimal manner and minimizing production costs by using (Matlab) program. The most important finding of the research is the importance of exploiting during the available time of production capacity. In the months when the demand is less than the production capacity available for investment. In the subsequent months when the demand exceeds the available energy and to minimize the use of overtime due to relatively large cost. It also shows that the total cost of the company according to mathematical model used was reached (74,580,000,000) billion, meanwhile the company's plan for the same period of time in (2017) was reached (78,512,299,092) billion, with a difference (3,932,299,092) billion. When looking thoroughly at the results and the numbers obtained, that leads to one way in which it is an evidence of the optimization of the mathematical model of total production planning