Determine the numerical indicators in terms of the number of times breathing for some physical tests to Running 800 meters youth in the southern region


That the exercise of competitions of different athletics lead to the result of upgrading the elements of fitness, namely strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and fitness as well as specialized exercises in various competitions lead to the upgrading of the physical and functional aspects through the development of the work of the respiratory system and here lies the importance of research lies through the design of tests mimic the physical concept in the real level of player rest stand on the physical level and therefore the possibility of evaluation and then work on the development, the research problem is that the tests and measuring their own, as no mention of researchers to design tests That the tests and measurement are interested in determining the level of fitness, functional capability, including the number of times breathing, which rely on digital indicators for tests of physical, according to a variable number of times breathing and through which to assess the fitness level of Rakda 800 meters, the tests are designed to evaluate the fitness level variable the number of times breathing Rakda 800 meters medium in the southern region of the distances, the researcher has used the descriptive survey manner and included the procedures used in the design of tests and modularization detailed researcher has presented, analyze and discuss the results and get Li grades and levels of standard and identified five standard levels, the researcher concluded special levels of standard grades and standardized tests designed tables.