Design and legalization of tests to determine the level of achievement in terms of performance skills and the selection of soccer players


The test and measurement of great importance in the knowledge of the abilities of players in all sporting events, so the researcher designed and standardized technical tests complex to raise the skills of players and skills and raise the level of achievement, and here lies the importance of research in the development of a set of complex technical tests through which to raise the level of achievement of football players lounges. The problem of research is to address the lack of complex technical tests that help to raise the level of achievement of players in the football stadiums. The goal of the research is to design complex technical tests and to find standard levels and standards for the technical tests of Futsal players where the researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method and included the research on the procedures used In the design and codification of tests in detail. The researcher presented, analyzed and discussed the results and obtained the grades and standard levels, which were identified by five standard levels. From this, the researcher concluded to the tables on the levels and standard grades of the designed technical tests.