"The Relationship of Mental Stress to the Level of Skill Performance of Some of the Basic Skills of Combat Effectiveness of Karate Players"


The study was designed to identify the relationship of mental stress to the level of skill performance of some basic skills in the combat effectiveness of Karate players. The research sample consisted of (20) players representing Basrah governorate clubs in Karate game category of applicants and different weights. The researchers used descriptive approach due to the nature of this study, The researchers used the FLIM test for the Vina test system to test the level of mental stress. The researchers designed a questionnaire to measure the level of skill performance. The results of this study showed the recognition of the values of mental stress as well as the levels of the level of The researchers also recommended that the results of the study be based on mental stress, level of skill performance and correlative relationship as a guide to increase the level and development of performance at low mental stress as well as recommended by the researchers Increasing the psychological preparation of Karate players category applicants.