The effect of a proposed training program on some of the motor skills and defensive skills of volleyball players


The problem of research is the low level of defense performance of the youth teams which requires a better level compared to the level of offensive skills, as there are many players are characterized by high level of offensive skills without defensive, and the goal of the search to counter a proposed training program for some of the capabilities of motor skills and defensive volleyball players . As well as to identify the impact of the program prepared in some of the capabilities of motor and defense skills of players of the ball flying. As for the hypothesis of the research, there were statistically significant differences between the tribal and remote tests and in favor of the post-test in the performance of some defensive skills and motor abilities in volleyball for the sample of the research. The researcher used the experimental method in the design of one group with tribal and remote test. The research sample consisted of the center's eight youth players. They ranged from 17-19 years. The results were reached, analyzed and discussed. Play has had a positive impact on the development of abilities (and compatibility and motor response). The development of motor abilities (agility, compatibility and motor response) indicates that there is a positive impact on the development of the skill of reception and defense of the stadium. The researcher recommended several recommendations: - Adopting various and varied methods in training, education and development, including the method of competitive play modes, which proved effective in the performance of the skills of reception and defense. The use of competitive play modes as a method of training and development of motor abilities (agility, compatibility, motor response and sense of movement), which proved effective in the development of these qualities or abilities. Use the competitive gameplay method to develop and test other defensive skills and offensive skills to compare them with other test results