Measure the Product Cost According to Green Value Chain Analysis to Reduce Costs


The aim of the research is to use green value chain analysis to reduce the costs incurred by the economic unit, reduce the environmental pollution levels emitted from the economic unit factories and transform the activities of the unit into green environmental activities by correcting these activities towards the environmental requirements of recycling productive waste and manufacturing environmentally friendly green products. Cleaner production. To achieve this goal, the researchers relied on the descriptive approach in writing the theoretical side of the research by relying on Arabic and foreign books, periodicals and articles as well as thesis and The two researchers relied on the case study to analyze the activities of the green value chain to reduce costs in the company of the refineries of the center / refinery Doura through the reliance on financial data and interviews with experts and specialists as well as engineering studies on the subject of research and the researchers reached a set of conclusions, The use of green value chain analysis reduces the cost per cubic meter of LPG from 157,930 ID to 132,868 ID and helps the Doura refinery management reduce environmental pollution by recycling the emitted gases Units of the refinery, and the researchers came out a set of recommendations, the most important of the need to use the green value chain in the refinery to reduce the cost of liquefied petroleum gas and cleaner production analysis.