Restrictions of Chinese Exporting Industries (1989-2016)


The research aims at determining and analyzing the impact of some economic variables influencing the Chinese industrial exports through (1989 – 2016). In China, the industrial exports is one of the most important industrial developing issues in the Chinese economy; since it entirely depends on the industrial exports. It has been determined the influencing variables in the industrial exports according to the economic theory that tackled this subject. In this respect, it has been measured the relation between the industrial exports and the economic variables adopted in this study. The study importance denotes that the great development and growth in the Chinese economy are due to the industrial sector and its growing improvement. The reason behind that is essentially attributed to the huge growth in the Chinese industrial exports. Accordingly, this study highlighted on the restrictions of Chinese industrial exports, since their restrictions and influence will make an important and active factor in increasing the averages of the Chinese industrial exports growth. The problem of study represents that unfixing the restrictions of Chinese industrial exports precisely will lose the strategic plan capacity in drawing the wanted plans to improve the industrial exports to the intended position. Nevertheless, it has been determined the necessary requirements to run the industrial projects in besides the expansion of these existing ones.