The Impact of Application of Strategies Aggregate Planning in Some Decisions Management Processes - A Survey Study to Sample of Opinions Managers and Employees in the General Company for Cotton Industries


The research aim to identify of Concept Aggregate planning and Strategies and its impact in some Decisions Operations Management at the managers and employees, of the following main question " Is there effect to the Strategies Aggregate planning on the some Decisions Operations Management in The General Company for Cotton Industries. The research hypothesis has been tested by analyzing the results of a survey study, which has been through opinions of a simple of managers and the department heads and the sections and factories managers, Moderators on (65) and ignore (4) forms, So the sample was limited to (61) Employees.The researcher has been reached to a set of results, the Total planning strategies (Tracking strategy, settlement strategy or stability of Demand and Mixed strategy). Important factor in some operations management decisions (Decisions of Treasury, Energy decisions, process design and the Internal order of the factory). It's appearance of the research results by having paralytic effect between Implementation the Total planning strategies and operations management factor. Whereas whenever it has been developed Total planning strategies and used in a manner better whenever led to success the implementation Operation Management Decisions in the company sample search.