Analysis of the impact of fluctuations in the prices of crude oil in the international market on the public revenues in the Iraqi economy for the period (2003 - 2015)


The adoption of the Iraqi economy on oil revenues is not new, but oil is the nerve of life forthe national economy and the source of the most important and important in generating this nationalincome on the one hand, and on the other is the main source and the basic no alternative in providingthe foreign currency necessary in the financing of imports. Oil remains one of the main andimportant factors in the progress of Iraq and its political and social stability. And that the objective ofthe study analysis of oil price changes can have a negative impact on consumption, investment andunemployment. A sustained and sustained rise in oil prices may cause a change in the productivestructure and have profound effects on economic stability. As for the problem of the study, the Iraqioil sector suffers from a wide backwardness of the existence of multiple problems where the oilpolicy over the past decades to overcome them. The importance of the study lies in the importance ofthe oil sector in the present Iraqi economy by obtaining financial revenues (revenues) confirming thecontinued economy of Iraq to obtain oil revenues with a successful oil policy to solve all problemsand build a successful oil sector. The most important result of the study is the dependence of theIraqi economy on the oil sector and the revenues derived from it. All economic sectors are dependenton the degree of their development on this natural resource. This is the dominance of rents on theIraqi economy with the beginning of economic planning and it continued until now and the future, aslong as oil revenues feed government spending Growing.