Simulation two storey house of masonry wall under the earthquake load


The masonry wall building systems have high sensitivity against earthquakes and the fact that this system of construction is widespread in Iraq, especially condominiums. Iraq subjected to many earthquakes in recent years and is expected to be subjected to more intensities of earthquakes in the future engendered an urgent need to investigate the behavior of this type of construction under the influence of earthquakes. The analysis of two-storey house in this research paper was performed by the finite element package program ABAQUS. Model simulation with dimensions (5 * 20 m) from the common one and two-storey house models in Iraq. The compressive strength of bricks (17MPa) type A and compressive strength of mortar(15MPa) with mixing ratio 1:3 was used to represented of the properties of construction materials in Iraq. The nonlinearity behavior of the materials is considered in this research paper. The model is subjected to PGA(0.5g) from EL-Centro Earthquake (1940 N-S ) as input ground motion to determine its seismic performance compared the maximum displacement, drift and base shear for models with the seismic demand of Iraq. Through the analysis of the results, the models proved efficient and stable against the effect of earthquakes, especially when the load applied in the Z long direction, more than the load applied in the X short direction for all models.