The Impact of Appleton's model in Achieving Psychology and students Colleges of Education and developing Creative thinking


The sample of the current research paper has amounted to (30) male and female students out of the experimental group and (30) male and female students out of the control group two tests have been used in this paper. The first test is a post- achievement test and the second test id the creative thinking test for the experimental group.The researcher has compared the two groups of the research paper in some of variables by using t-test for two independent samples results showed that the experimental group has excelled in the post- achievement test together with the creative thinking 4est. thus, Appleton's model has achieved various educational goals and objectives.Accordingly, the researcher has recommended that educational leaflets concerning using models in teaching should be prepared. Moreover, the researcher has suggested that a number of studies should be conducted for identifying the impact of Appleton's model and the creative thinking in other levels of education.