Analysis and measurement of the impact of public budget deficit and money supply at the general level of prices In Iraq for the period (1988-2017)


The problem of the state budget deficit is one of the most important contemporary economic problems in which the table has been widely divergent, especially as it has become the hallmark of most of the budgets of the developed countries as well as of the developing countries, where there is a deficit in some of their budgets without fulfilling their duties in achieving comprehensive economic and social development. In light of the importance played by the state budget in the life of the individual and society and its role in moving the national economy towards progress and prosperity, the widening of the budget deficit may threaten the monetary and financial stability of the state.The study found that each of the deficit in the general budget and the presentation of money a strong and positive relationship between them on the one hand and the general level of prices on the other hand and that both affect positively on the general level of prices, as well as that the relationship of public expenditure to the general level of prices is a positive relationship and the impact Public expenditure is positive at the overall level of prices. The study also showed that the relationship between public revenues and the general level of prices is inverse, ie, the higher the general revenue, the lower the overall level of prices.The study recommended that the public budget deficit be stabilized at an acceptable level. This is done by relying on an automatic method in the work of fiscal policy, which is the ratio of public revenues to GDP as a dynamic stabilizer, in order to influence the growth rate of GDP. As well as the need to work on forming a coordination council for the financial and monetary policies in matching the different funding sources of fiscal deficit and the management of government debt, so as to reduce the impact of fiscal policy on monetary policy, and that these policies are complementary to achieve the main common objective is economic stability with guaranteed rate Good economic growth.