"Ethical Behavior Constraints for Medicine Sales Representatives and Medical Media and Its Role in Achieving Marketing Superiority" A Pilot Study of The Opinions of a Specimen of Employees Working in Drug Stores in Duhook Town


The research aims to clarify the role of ethical behavior constraints for medicine sales representatives and media employees to achieve marketing superiority which is regarded as an essential base in any health organization in the atmosphere of increasing competition by health organizations; both local and foreign and their need to innovate and initiate and be distinguished continuously to attain marketing superiority. This indeed raised the concern of the researcher to raise the problem of her research which arose from many questions summarized as follows:1-Is there any conforming relationship between the dimension of ethical behavior constraints and the dimension of marketing superiority? 2-Is there any nominal relationship between ethical behavior constraints and the attainment of marketing superiority? 3-Do ethical behavior constraints affect the attainment of marketing superiority ?4-Is there any difference for the relative importance of the variation of the dimension of ethical behavior constraints over the dimension of attaining marketing superiority?To answer these questions the researcher has set a number of medicine storages in the town of Duhook as a field for research and setting a hypothetical plan for research reflecting the nature of conforming relationship and the effect between ethical behavior constraints described as an independent dimension represented by (Monitor System, method of compensation, level of education and expertise) from one side and achieving marketing superiority from another side as a dependent dimension, and through the questionnaire prepared for this purpose, forms distributed to (50) persons regarded as a specimen of the research as they are medicine sales representatives and medical media working in medicine storages under research. Questionnaires were collected to test the hypotheses of the research which were set in the light of the planned hypotheses depending on the statistical programme of (SPSS).The research has reached to a number of conclusions, most important of which are the presence of a nominal conforming relationship, connection and a nominal effect between the two dimensions of the research, in addition to the important relationship for the variables of the independent variable in the dependent variable.Based on the above, a number of suggestions were presented, most important of which is the necessity that medicine storages should take into consideration the importance of reinforcing and improving ethical behavior to pour into the attainment of more marketing superiority.Key words: •Ethical behavior constraints.•Marketing superiority.