Estimation of Antioxidant Effectiveness of Phenolic Compounds from Some Plant Extract


This study included the selection of rapeseed (Brassica rapa) and radish(Raphanus sativus) to estimate the antioxidant activity , the estimation of the amount of phenols , flavonoids ,their ability to bind iron ion , the reduction power and the capture of hydrogen peroxide of these alcoholic and water extracts the extraction process was carried out in two water extraction methods with boiling water for 30 minutes and ethanol extraction with 98% ethanol for 24 hours at laboratory temperature, total alcohol turnip in total phenols was 51.46 mg / g / calic acid, in addition, the alcohol turnip content of flavonoids was 7.39 mg / g the lowest amount of flavonoids in water radish was 1.33 mg / g, the alcohol extract of the radish surpassed its antioxidant efficiency 80.87% in addition, the highest correlate was found in the radish extract of radish 77.33% compared to the bond of 87.2% EDTA and citric acid 85.8%. the water radish has a hydrogen peroxide capture capacity of 66.1% compared to ascorbic acid 89.1% .The study concludes:1 - Results showed that the extracts of the alcoholic extracts of plants on the water extracts containing the amount of phenols and flavonoids higher than the water extracts.2 - Alcoholic extract of the radish has an antioxidant effect higher than the water extracts