Some regulatory and behavioral factors promoting organizational health survey on A sample of private schools in the city of Mosul


The aim of the research was to test some organizational and behavioral factors to enhance organizational health in a sample of civil schools in Mosul to determine whether regulatory and behavioral factors can be considered as basic requirements for regulatory health. The questionnaire was used as a basic tool for data collection, which was developed according to the Likert scale. After a comprehensive review of the literature related to the two basic research areas, the data were subjected to several statistical treatments according to the hypotheses of research using AMOS V.21, The interviews were conducted with a number of respondents and the research reached several conclusions, the most important of which is the relationship between the organizational factors and behavioral dimensions of six and regulatory health, which reflects the existence of a state of harmony between the two variables, which indicates the possibility of adopting factors Organizational and behavioral aspects as key priorities for the promotion of organizational health. The research presented a number of recommendations, including that regulatory health is one of the solutions adopted to meet the challenges and environmental changes as it maintains the continuity of the organization.