Self-confidence and its relationship to the effective performance of skilled volleyball players in Anbar province


The aim of the research was to identify the effect of self-confidence for the players of the first class volleyball clubs in Anbar province and to identify the effect of self-confidence on the effectiveness of the skill performance of the same sample. The researcher used the descriptive method in the analytical method to suit the objectives and nature of the research problem. The players of these clubs to identify the levels of players of those variables, and the effectiveness of skill performance has been identified levels through the shooting games and then analyzed and give results by experts and specialists, has been used researcher statistical bag (spss) to The researcher concluded that the weakness of attention by the club managers on the psychological side of the players and the lack of psychologists in these clubs led to a modest level of self-confidence and motor satisfaction and motivation achievement. The researcher recommended the appointment of psychologists as well as trainers to enhance the skills and psychological qualities of the players and the introduction Trainers in courses for psychological preparation, especially in clubs where there are no psychologists and attention to the psychological side by the club administrators