The Effect Of Special Exercises In Development Of Power Endurance And Its Effectiveness In Achieving 400 M Run For Juvenile People


In order to improve the overall level of sports and develop the possibilities, especially through the presence of researchers in the field and the fact that they are from the family of athletics and coaches national teams, the researchers noticed there is a weakness in the strength of the enemy of 400 m beginners to use the traditional methods during exercises for strength exercises so they used special exercises To develop this composite trait to develop this technique, the researchers conducted special exercises in force-bearing exercises in force-bearing exercises in 400-meter antagonists. The researchers adopted the experimental approach of the experimental group, Project Olympic champion and aggressive sports talent in the Ministry of Youth and Sports and implemented programs for special exercises on the research sample. And for 8 weeks with two training units per week, which varied in terms of intensity, size and frequency of the groups in the specific exercises of the sample. The researchers then used the statistical bag (spss) to analyze the data and the researchers reached conclusions. The exercises in the use of special exercises have affected the development of tolerance of strength in the research sample in the effectiveness of running 400 m.