History of the origin of the volleyball and its stages of development


The study aimed at documenting the history of human practice in ancient times for games similar to volleyball as well as studying the origins of the game in the modern era and the stages of its evolution and spread globally, and how it became an official game with its laws and special competitions and competitions. The study concluded that the practice of man in ancient times to play ball by hand Is related to the volleyball game currently known and created by the director of the American YMCA William Morgan and drew her idea of several sports were known at the time such as basketball, badminton and tennis, The researcher recommended the need to take care of the game whether its present or future and even past through the preparation of research and literature of their own as well as the establishment of museums special game heritage and history, as well as the introduction of volleyball curriculum within the curriculum in schools and universities and a lot of playgrounds to the game to encourage young people to exercise.