The mental image of citizen journalism The media elite has | A survey study


Citizen journalism plays an important role in information news and event’s transformation and it improves its activity through a number of experiences with media environment that attributed by hasty and technological events which changes the communication concepts formally and it becomes able to abbreviate the steps of the communication operation in trans forming the information and events and change prevailing and views as it is based on actively the reality achieved through modern communication techniques that it uses it becomes an important element in building the agendas and clarifsing situations specially during crisis that need wide coverage that mass media fail to carry out citizen journalism has became ajop for every citizen engar to provide the surroundings world with events depending on his personal experience without professional rules known in journalism world and this research has become to recognize the image citizen journalism image for the media elite university professors journalists in group of news papers and satellite channels with the help of survey method and build scale for the image the scale form has been distributed depending on the sample available the research has come up with the following results :1. The citizen journalism image of the media elite impartial. 2.The expression (the amount of availability and the appearance of social media Leeds to the development and spread of citizen has come in the first place in (47)frequency of and in 47% percentage of to the level agree in (4.4).3. The results of the scale of positive attitudes for the citizen journalism image of the media elite at the top in 89% percentage to the high level followed by the middle level in (11%) percentage.