Cu2O nanoparticles preparation by Pulse Laser Ablation in Liquid Phase method (PLALP)


The Nanoparticles has pulled in expanding consideration with the developing enthusiasm for nanotechnology which hold potential as essential segments for development applications. In the present work, a cuprous oxide nanoparticles are manufactured as a suspension in distilled water by bombarding a bulk copper target with laser source (532 nm wavelength, 10 ns pulse duration and 10 Hz repletion rate) via method. UV- visible absorption spectra, an AFM analysis has been done. Copper oxide nanoparticles (Cu2O-NPs) with dark color are successfully synthesized. The Cu¬2O- NPs have very high purity because the preparation was managed in aqueous media to eliminate ambient contaminations. Absorption spectrum shows peaks at 450 nm- 700 nm due to the generation of Cu Oxides-NPs.