Design and standardization of two tests to evaluate the level of training in terms of maximum performance Completed work and forecasting the level of training for badminton players


There is no doubt that reaching the desired scientific results requires searching and investigating the facts and taking all logical means to achieve the best results, and this certainly did not come from a vacuum, but through the proper handling of the values derived from the performance of tests and measurements, which are a means Which reveals the indications of the technical performance of the skills and advantages and disadvantages under which the performance of the players are evaluated as well as serve the researcher to know the level of the player and predict what will be in the future, Therefore, research in the work on the design of specialized tests that measure the level of training in terms of performance and work completed and the prediction of the level of training because it has an impact on knowledge of the level of adaptation of functional devices, which are important indicators and the optimal performance and accuracy values of the skill of the crushing blow in the badminton, And we can put in the hands of trainers minutes performance performance variables, work and skill, which can be developed to reach the performance of the best technical level.