Voluntary Work for Women in the Light of Islamic Education


The research aims to identify the most important areas of voluntary work available to women in society, stand on the most important controls that push women to work in voluntary areas in society. The research also seeks to stand on the most prominent obstacles to the voluntary work of women in society. The research contained four main chapters: Chapter I: Definition of research, Chapter 2: Objectives, areas, controls and effects of volunteer work, Chapter 3: Voluntary Work of Women in the Celestial Religions, and lastly, Chapter 4: Theories, Constraints, and Recommendations for Voluntary Work for Women.The researcher suggested several recommendations: 1-establishing a unit responsible for planning, design, implementation and evaluation of voluntary programs and community service, as well as coordination between university faculties and communication with community institution. 2-sending letters to the owners of the qualifications and expertise and invited them to contribute to volunteering to serve the community. 3-Activating the role of women in the practice of various voluntary activities with the appropriate rehabilitation of this practice and focus on the interest in supporting domestic productive projects. 4-Organizing training courses for volunteers or volunteers in the existing bodies and in the community service in the universities before they are assigned to volunteer tasks.