Removal of Escherichia coli Endotoxin from Sterilized Water by Using Nanofiltration Membrane


Results to remove endotoxins showed reduced concentration in rang 0.05 - 50.0 Endotoxin Unit / ml in first experiments for processing of E.coli toxin with turbidity value 43 N.T.U with ratio of 99 % of toxins removing.In second experiment the results of removing toxins was range from 0.05-18.1 with turbidity Valve of 27.2 N.T.U depending on the efficiency of used nanofilters technique.Method of Limulus Amybosate Lysate (LAL) Chromogenic used to measuare concentration of endotoxins quantity of polluted water with toxins and final produced water, by using Portable Endo Safe Tests System which considered as a first technique used to detect bacterial toxins for 20 minutes, in addition counting Colony Forming Unit CFU / ml by using Pour Plate Method for polluted water and final produced water