The Legislative Miraculousness in Family Issues : Mind Discourse and Soul Tranquility


The aim of the research is to clarify the meaning of the legislative miraculousness (hence after LM) to explain the most important types of (LM) in the Quran , and to show some of the applications of (LM) in the Qur'an. The importance of this study lies in the fact that it contributes to the presentation of an important aspect of miraculousness in the Qur'an, namely (LM). The research attempts to raise several questions in an attempt to answer them: What is meant by (LM)? What are the benefits of realizing (LM) in the Qur'an? What is the most important (LM) in family issues? The research plan comes in two sections: The first is to talk about the meaning of (LM) in the Qur'an and its benefits. Second, it deals with the applications of (LM) in matters of personal status through the following sub sections topics: (LM) in resolving disputes between spouses, (LM) in divorce, And (LM) in the Eda. The research is ended with the conclusions that: knowledge of (LM) of the Qur'an shows us the general framework of the legislation with full perception of Islam. It illustrates a comprehensive image of the provisions and instructions of Islam. Furthermore, the Quranic legislations in matters of personal status takes into account the interests of husbands, wives, children and society as a whole.