The Political Role of Minorities in Iraq after 2003 (Turkman Case Study


That the use of the speech of the three basic components (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds), with the political change that took place in 2003. As an alternative to the national discourse that brings together all members of Iraqi society, the beginning of a crisis of minorities at the political level, because the emphasis on the three major components left the rest Small components are lost among the majority that monopolized power, land and willThis speech contributed to the crystallization of the system of political quotas, which left the least number of room for competition or opportunity to reach the decision centers. The political role of minorities after 2003, especially the Turkmen, was marginal and ineffective due to the existence of a set of challenges against them. In addition to the nature of the circumstances that followed in its political process, the intrinsic nature of minorities, especially the Turkomans, contributed greatly to the curtailment of their political role.Therefore, we find the Turkmen identity despite the small number, but their dispersion in traditional allegiances, especially sectarianism is clear and has affected their political, social, economic and other life


iraq, minorities, turkman