Reasons of the Reluctance of University Students in Towns and Districts to Practice Sport Activities


The study aims at identifying the real reasons behind the reluctance of female students at universities and colleges located in towns and districts to exercise sports. To meet this purpose, an instrument has been designed to find out the causes of this reluctance. The sample consisted of (100) students for the academic year (2017-2018) from both college (Education and Natural Sciences) and college (Public Administration and Natural Resource Management) at the Charmo University located in Chamchamal , a major town of the city Alsulaymania (Kurdistan Region). The study has concluded that the negative perception of women's exercise of sports in communities living in towns and districts far from cities has an impact on the view of students of practicing of physical activities. In addition, the fear of female students from breaking the customs and traditions in conservative districts and areas of other communities is a main reason of their reluctance to doing sports at the universities and colleges that fall within such geographical areas