The Quest ForThe Hero in Herman Melville's "Moby-Dick"


Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is one of the American novels that are concerned with the sea and the predicaments of people in the middle of their voyages in the high seas. Herman Melville is a specialized in writing about the sea. He considers the sea as a source of wealth, finding treasures, and discovering new lands and secrets, new information as well as it is a source of adventure and peril. The current paper studies many characters who can be regarded as heroes of the oeuvre. They are three in number. Each of these characters is very apt to be the hero because of the qualities that are available in each of them. The current paper consists of three parts entitled according to each of the heros' name. Each of these heroes is critically analyzed according to his good traits and evil vices .The researcher recollects the different viewpoints of the readers , critics and their decisions to determine who the hero is on one hand and who the villain is , though it is not the concern of the present paper, on the second hand. Through referring to the instances and the situations in which each of these heroes behave and act, the paper is going to determine who the hero of the paper is. By elaborating and evaluating their roles and situations the paper is going to reach its aim that is determining the hero of the oeuvre.