Measuring the Effect of changes in the money supply on the Iraqi Gross Domestic Product for the period 2005-2015


The paper deals with measuring the changing effects in money of supply on GDP. It also applies the descriptive approach and economic measurements in order to reformate the sample via dependence on program of Eviews for analysis, in the light of the data base of central bank of Iraq during (2005-2015). Also we rely on the testing of Dickey-Fuller and (ADF) and Philips Perron (PP) in order to know the stationery of variables.Through the use of Ordinary Least Square Method (OLS) and we estimated the equation. The results presented showed that the value of R2 was (93%) and that presented cash has in one unit as the final GDP will be changed by (0.989). The study concludes to making balance between money of supply to gain the development in real sectors through the distribution of final product in country.