''Investigating the Difficulties Faced by Iraqi EFL Learners in Block Language''


Abstract This Study deals with block language as a new proposal to let teachers make available to their students new versions of popular programming languages in a block-language style. The problem is that many Iraqi EFL students face difficulties in using them properly in context, students cannot use block language correctly, they commit mistakes when employing block language and this is normal because most of block language have several functions. This study aims to 1 - Identify and analyze the errors which students made in using block language.2- Give a clear rationale for the possible causes for such errors. To achieve these aims the following hypotheses have been put: 1- _ Most of the students encounter difficulties in producing block language. 2 Most of them cannot identify the function of block language. 3- Most of them flunk to acquire the proper use of block language. To verify these hypotheses, the researcher designs a test and applies it to students of the second years to find out the difficulties they encounter with this sort of participle and analyze the results on the bases of which conclusions have been drawn.This study is limited to fifty students in the second year at the Department of English in College of Basic Education, University of Babylon.