Evaluation of Some Material to inhibit Biofilm Formed by Acinetobacter baumannii Isolates


The study has included the ability of Acinetobacter baumannii (isolated from clinical infections and hospital environment) to form a biofilm and investigated the possibility of inhibition this biofilm by using some materials: EDTA, five amino acids and five plant extracts.The results showed that all isolates of A.baumannii had a good ability to form the biofilm (100%). Four isolates which had strong former of biofilm which were selected as well as a standard isolate (A. baumannii ATCC19606). The inhibitory effect on biofilm formation was investigated. EDTA had a good inhibitory effect, also, all amino acids showed good inhibitory activity , with the best inhibition in Glutamic acid at a concentration of 50 mM, while plant extracts varied in their inhibition ratio to inhibit the biofilm, turmeric, cloves and rosemary had a good inhibitory effect, Bay leaf has the ability to inhibit the biofilm formation but less than others, while the plant extract of the Myrtle did not show any inhibition activity.