The role of educational bag in the achievement of students in the sixth grade in the primary art education for schools in the province of Babylon


The twenty-first century witnessed major revolutions that had a wide impact in various fields of scientific, economic, social, political, and cultural knowledge, most notably the domination of electronic and information networks in all their manifestations and their applications on the movement of communication, trade and information exchange. Therefore, the educational process has to take quick steps to cope with this tremendous development witnessed in the world, no longer teaching methods and traditional learning methods are useless, which led officials of educational institutions to develop curricula To cope with the needs of society, which in turn led to the search for modern methods of education, including (self-learning and active learning, maps of concepts, brainstorming), or the use of more than one method in one educational situation, which came under the designation of (educational bags), which carried several patterns both The current research under the title (the role of the educational bag in the collection of sixth grade primary students in art education for the schools of the province of Babylon), to keep pace with those methods and methods in the formulation of a new educational concept helps to Touch This system is considered within the schools of Babylon province, and the research may be of two chapters, the first chapter came to the beginning of the research problem that resulted in the following question: (What is the role of the educational bag in the collection of sixth grade primary students in the lesson of art education?), Then followed the importance The purpose of the research is to uncover the role of the educational portfolio in the collection of sixth grade pupils in art education in the schools of Babylon province, then the research hypotheses, its temporal, spatial and objective limits, and then the definition of the most important terms that came in it. Researchers first entitled (Education The second chapter is entitled (The role of modern means, especially the educational bag in the educational processes for art education). The third chapter includes the research procedures, as it is from the research community which devoted to the schools of Babylon province for primary education. (40 pupils) were randomly selected, and the researcher used the experimental method, the statistical methods were used researcher program (spss) and the mean and standard deviation to analyze the scores of the achievement test, and then to ensure honesty and consistency, and in the fourth chapter the results were presented to analysts The results were treated statistically using the mean and standard deviation of the experimental and control groups.1-The use of the educational bag in the lesson of art education increased the interest of pupils in this lesson.2- There are two important factors that prevent the use of the educational bag in the teaching of art education, namely, the lack of availability in schools, and the lack of attention to use by teachers in the event of availability.The research also came up with recommendations including:1-Attention to the use of educational bag in primary schools.2- The use of modern and diverse teaching methods through the educational bag in the subject of art education.