Image Scramble based on Discrete Cosine Transform and Henon Map


In recent years, there are exponential increment on using images in communication and social media that always need to develop a new method for scramble these images. These scramble methods keep image secure from malicious attack. A proposed method for scramble image is presented by multi-levels and in each level, there are more than one option is performed to keep image in secure manner. Scrambling is functional by using key that is generated from chaotic function called Henon map which provide significant randomize properties and in dynamic order. Scrambling is applied in spatial domain and in frequency domain, the first level before discrete cosine transform DCT, the second level on DCT coefficient and the third level when return back to spatial domain. The implementation of proposed method present low PSNR to scrambled image with respect to the original image and the time consuming also is precise. The development of proposed method may applied on partitioned image or may combined with other method to increase the security level.