Apriori Method of Mining Secure Data in Social Media


As can be seen all around us, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr and other became more importance grow rapidly in the last few years. This growth in social media sites has led to increase of information generated and circulated between individuals, this information significance in the companies and institutions works and also for individuals, for this it is important to analyze and classify data by determining keywords and main sentences which lead companies to manage their works more better with present and possibly clients. However, social media data may be contain various types of unwanted and maleficent spammer or hacker actions. So, there is a critical need in the social media network and society, industry for social media security. In this paper, we choose Apriori method for mining and classifying social media data and take a Facebook to be a case study for social media data then after classifying and mining data applying RSA algorithm which is most popular and easer to implement secure data and use it usefully in the company’s work.