Determination of standards and levels according to the technical requirements of the emerging volleyball players


Volleyball is one of the most successful competitive, popular and recreational games in the world. It is fast and exciting, which distinguishes it from other games. The volleyball game generates competitors. It shows the best physical abilities, skill and artistic creativity. Hence the importance of the research in determining the standard levels and levels of selection of young volleyball players. During which raise the level of achievement of this game. The problem of research is to address the lack of such tests and to find standard scores to help the selection of players in volleyball. The goal of the research is to identify the skills of the players of the volleyball players where the researcher used the descriptive method of survey method and included the research on the procedures used in designing tests and codify them in detail The researcher presented, analyzed and discussed the results and obtained the grades and standard levels through which the selection of volleyball players. From this, the researchers have drawn up tables for the standard levels and grades of the technical tests.