Analysis of the Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Process Reengineering /Field Study


The rapid changes in the external environment and the response and adaptation of the external environment require that contemporary organizations seeking to successfully continue the reengineering of their processes represent radical changes that will enable them to achieve continuous improvement in their performance and outputs and better than competitors. At the same time, the organization's acquisition of an intellectual capital with its essential components increases the chances of successful re-engineering through the expertise, skills, capabilities and procedures adopted by the organizations and their relations with their current or potential clients. This idea emphasizes the need to invest the intangible capabilities and capabilities of the organization to make radical changes Which gives the organization a leading role and creativity.Therefore, the current study sought to analyze the relationship between intellectual capital with its basic components and the stages of adopting re-engineering of processes, thus enhancing the quality of outputs of the Nineveh Electricity Directorate.The study concluded that the results were invested to reach a number of conclusions which have become a tool to present a number of necessary proposals for the Directorate of Nineveh Electricity and organizations in general, both production and service.