Reformation Marketing Culture by Adopting Community Dimensions An exploratory study of the Opinions of the employees in Asia Cell Communications Company in Nineveh Governorate


The current research aims at measuring the contribution of community marketing in the re-formulation of the marketing culture of the workers. It is the basis of the marketing activities and has to take into account the changes in the social culture which are reflected in the needs of the customer preferences that is no longer similar to what it was in the past. It is a clear challenge to contemporary organizations to find the Harmonic language between organizational culture with the culture of their employees and their customers so as to contribute to strengthening its viability and success in the field of competition. The importance of research is in reviewing the dimensions of social marketing, which is the result of rapid development in the needs and requirements of the era, as well as being the framework through which the crystallization of the marketing culture of the community. The importance of study raised the following question:-Does social marketing contribute to reshape the marketing culture of employees?In light of this, the objective of the research is to determine the dimensions of the most influential social marketing in the restructuring of the marketing culture through the analytical method of the theoretical dissertations on the research variables, as well as a field framework in Asia cell Telecommunications through a survey of the opinions of its employees established the theoretical convictions adopted by the researcher. The study produced several conclusions. In light of this, the research presented a set of proposals for the field.