Decreasing the Pollution with Coliform in the Wastewater by Using Ultrasound Waves


The aim of this study is to use Ultrasound waves in decreasing the pollution with Coliform bacteria in the wastewater which have the ability to kill bacteria exist in the clay. Thirty samples were collected from wastewater station in Baghdad UniversityScience Collage for Women. Samples exposed to ultrasound waves for diffrent times, the results showed decreases in the total coliform count with increasing time of exposure compared with samples before exposure, except exposure to(10) minutes that showed increases in total coliform count because of releasing bacteria from clay as a results of particles disintegration by ultrasound waves. other exposure times showed kill rate as follows: (15)min./(6.66%),25min./(13.33%),35min./(33.33%),45min./(64.28%),50min./(86.64%),60min./(90.21%),80min./(93.18%),90min./(97.81%),100min./(99%),120min./ (99.97%). These results showed that using ultrasound waves has the ability to rednce wastewater pollution with the colifom and can be used with other treatment methods to reduce chemical material that be used to kill bacteria.