The beauty of repetition and its mechanisms in the prayer of Abu Hamza al-Thamali


This study examines the phenomenon of repetition in the prayer of Abi Hamza al-Thamali. Through this study, the researcher was able to have a special vision of the call of Abu Hamza al-Tammali and to distinguish other texts from the manner in which he used it for repetition. The repetition is a well-known style of expression used by the Arabs in their words for various purposes. Sometimes, Imam Ali ibn al-Hussein, the carpet, was one of the Arabs who spoke their language and used their methods. He used repetition and made it a means of da'wah and a method of communicating its principles. The repetition of the word or the phrase or the tool or the one formula sometimes, may repeat the meaning without the word, and this type of repetition was common in the prayer of Abu Hamza Thamali repetition verbal, if not more, all to achieve the goals was the Imam Ali bin Al Hussein Al - Saja (D) seeks it, such as its affirmation of the meaning, warning of it, or encouraging it, or the threat, or other purposes that it has achieved through repetition.In this article, according to the descriptive-analytical approach, we studied the phenomenon of repetition in the call of Hamza al-Thamali. This phenomenon is formed in the text in various forms. It begins from the letter and extends to the word and phrase, and each form represents a special aspect. We have come to realize that the repetition of the call of Hamza al-Tammali is a source of attention and a call for attention to the cross-referencing, and thus has achieved an emotional, emotional and rhythmic interaction with the recipient in all its forms. Whatever the scenes of this repetition, he highlighted some of the sentimental aspects of the same imam, which he emphasized as if he did not want to go beyond the repetitive phrase.