Assessment of Radiation Doses of X-ray Devices in the Clinic of the Ministry of Sciences and Technology


Surface doses to the patient resulting from the classical radiographic imaging of organs ( chest, abdomen, …..etc) by x-ray device at Clinic of the Ministry of Sciences and Technology were measured using DOSIMAS and FAG, these instrument were used to measure the received radiation dose by patients and the operator of the device.Comparison was done between doses that received by patients and the international reference levels, It was found that the radiation doses of the patients were less than the reference doses and the typical doses, the highest received dose was for thoracic spine (320.6µSv) and the lowest dose was for the fingers and hand (3.32 µSv).The level of radiation dose that received by radiographical worker during their work was ranging from (0.13-0.22 µSv/h). which was within the natural background radiation level inside the building which was equal to (0.14 µSv/h). This means that the protection shields used in the exposure room preform it's function of radiation protection properly.