Study the Effect of Coupling Agent )Dimethyldichlorosilane( and Some Other Additives in the Manufacturing of the Mechanical, Thermal and Physical Properties of Plastic Wood


In this research, the effect of improving quality addition (Silane Coupling Agents ,Blowing material and Antioxidants) on the mechanical, thermal and physical properties to test the plastic wood flooring made of Poly Propylene reinforced with particles of Wheat Plant Waste with a size of particle 212 micrometer and by 40% of its weight. The study cleared that the treatment of particles of Waste by the Silane material ratios of between 2-4-6%. The results indicate that composite containing 2-4% showed mark able improvement in the studied properties. The increasing of Silane material ratio to 6% with the addition of blowing material to the plastic wood resulted in thermal insulation. So, It is possible obtain to changing character able absent plastic wood in their Force, mechanical strength and other properties in natural wood.