Using Magnetic Treatment for Bio film Layer Removal from Drinking Water Tanks


The study concentrated upon using magnetic water treatment to reduce bacterial and algal contamination which form (Bio-film) in drinking water tanks. Experiments were carried out using magnetic device with field intensity of 8000 Gauss. The device was connected to one of the two plastic tanks used in this work. The tanks were connected to the same water source for three months. Water samples from both tanks were examined every two days. The results indicated that a total bacterial count was (47 cfu /ml) in the control tank in comparison to the treated tank where the total bacterial count was (3 cfu/ml). The total count of algae was (45.15 cell /l) in the control tank, which is much higher than that of the treated tank (11.02 cell /l). In addition, a comparison of physical variables (pH, turbidity and temperature) was conducted in this study. The results indicated that bio film was formed in the control tank but not in the treated tank. There were clear differences between results from both tanks indicating a successful physical treatment to reduce pollution in drinking water tanks.