Ethical Behavior of Public Relations Practitioners in Iraqi Universities | A Survey Study of Workers in The Universities of Baghdad, Wasit and Tikrit


Ethical behavior in public relations is an important branch of knowledge that requires a certain degree of a systematic study and orderly expertise for the drawing-up of sound set of guiding principles that could ensure the continual operation of the institution and the achievement of its goals.The present study is an attempt to reach possible answers for a major question the study has intended to address: How far do public relations practitioners in the Iraqi universities adhere to the code of ethics?With this aim in view, the study has sought to achieve the following objectives:1. To examine the degree of adherence by the public relations practitioners in the Iraqi universities to the code of ethics.2. To identify the professional and ethical qualities required by the public relations practitioners in the Iraqi universities.3. To define the most prominent factors and causes that affect the formation of the decisions taken by the public relations practitioners.A survey approach has been adopted by the researcher for the achievement of the desired results.For this purpose, a questionnaire from has been constructed as an instrument for the gathering of raw data. It has been distributed to all workers in the public relations departments in the Iraqi universities under study.The study has come up with a number of results, the most important of which can be summed up as follows: Public relations practitioners in the Iraqi universities possess the professional and moral qualities required by them for their work. They have shown a high degree of commitment to the code of ethics. Moreover, some discouraging factors such as poor salaries, work pressure, lack of interest, lack of attention and lack of specialization have proved ineffective on their taking of ethical decisions.