Arabic Perspective of Names with Reference to English


Though there are some similarities between 'name' and 'noun', there are a lot of differences too. They are treated in the same way just to refer to a word by which a person, animal, place or thing is known .but to think about them in a different way is connected with the levels of language. The use of 'name' is very familiar to semantics, while the use of 'noun' in grammar is found or happening over a large area. (Flanagan, 1972: 48).It is important to focus attention on semantic aspect to deal with names – origin in order to find out more knowledge and facts.The study aims at showing names- origin out of the following points :(a) how did names appear ,(b) names of gender , (c)Time , (d) place and (e) position of names in relation to language .it is hypothesized that the notion of names-origin is used in both Arabic and English , yet it is realized differently .The notion of names-origin seems to be much more important in Arabic than to be in English .The use of names-origin may have a vital role to show the absolute difference between Arabic and English .The basic findings arrived at are as follows : (1) it is possible to convey new things in both Arabic and English out of semantic points of view , (2) five important points which mentioned above are specified to be our data , and (3) The study of names – origin can be understood easily and the thoughts suggested may be successful in making the reader believe without having any suspicion in contrast to English which undergoes many difficulties to be conceived well .