The Impact of M.U.R.D.E.R Strategy on the Development of Reading Comprehension in Intermediate School Students in Reading and Texts Subject


The present research aims at identifying the effect of ‘Murder’ strategy on the development of reading comprehension among intermediate school students in the field of reading and texts by verifying the validity of the following zero hypotheses:1 - There is no significant difference at the level (0.05) between the average score of students in the experimental group in the development of the skill of reading comprehension in pre- and post tests. 2 - There is no statistically significant difference at (0.05) between the average scores of the control group students in the pre- and post tests to develop the skill of reading comprehension.3. There is no statistically significant difference at (0.05) between the mean scores of the experimental group and the average scores of the students in the control group in the post test of reading comprehension skills. The study applied the partial experimental method. The sample of the study was 66 students with 33 students in the experimental group and 33 students in the control group who were randomly selected from Martyrs secondary school for boys in the district of Baquba. The researcher studied the seven behavioral subjects in the experiment for reading and texts for the second intermediate grade. The researcher identified the 84 behavioral goals, and prepared a test for the development of reading comprehension in the reading and text subjects of the intermediate second grade students from (30) paragraphs to obtain literal understanding. The researcher investigated the validity of the test and its stability, as well as its statistical characteristics (the coefficient of difficulty, the power of excellence, and the effectiveness of the wrong alternatives). The researcher applied the test to the experimental and control groupsAt the end of the experiment, which lasted 12 weeks, the researcher adopted the statistical tools unified in the educational package of SPSS (19), as follows: (the test of two independent and interrelated samples, the coefficient of difficulty and the equation of paragraph distinction). After correcting the answers and processing the data statistically, the researcher reached a result that can be summed up as follows: The students of the experimental group who studied the MURDE strategy outmatch the students of the control group who studied the traditional method followed. The second hypothesis resulted in a growing growth in the development while the result of the third hypothesis shows that there is no growth in the control group ,i.e., there is no difference between the pre-test and post-test in the reading comprehension test. In the light of the findings of the current study, the researcher recommends the use of the experimental group, MURDER's strategy in teaching reading and text to second-grade students which is of great importance in developing reading comprehension. The researcher suggests conducting a similar study for the current study on other educational material