An effective formula in the Quranic expression Between the morphological possibility and the linguistic miracle


The title of the research (formula (effective) in the Koran between the possibility of morphological and linguistic miracles). The goal sought is two things: 1) Undoing the possibility and multiplicity in touching the meaning of the words of the Holy Quran, because the Holy Quran is one book revealed by one Lord and descended by one king on the heart of one prophet and one unified word, each of which leads to one manifesting meaning not multiple suspicious, The potential and permissible guidance? And the question of the veto is based on three descriptive phenomena, namely, (morphological transformation, arbitrary guidance, and linguistic miracles), and the transformation of the morphological transformation in all its forms and examples in the Holy Quran and Arabic in general is considered as a reversal of the roof of the construction of the literal participations. In the morphological formulas which the research saw as a distortion of the word from its positions. Then the omission of the arbitrary guidance of the assessment of deletions in the composition of the Koranic language and its general context as a denial of the walls of the interpretation of probability, because the statement of deletion and mention and appreciation and the words and the increase and lack and submission and delay all the justification for the arbitrary interpretation, which does not take into account the unity of the Quranic text miraculous phrase preserved between the pages as it is without a claim - In the course of its interpretation and interpretation - a lack of it and no increase. The second is the search for the establishment and construction to replace the possibility of literal interpretation of the peremptory and peremptory guidance and guidance, based on the linguistic miracle, which is to maintain verbal construction as in the Koran without saying that it is converted from another building and maintain the unity of the structure, which includes the word Without saying: It is a structure removed from the word or increased by another.